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jennifer parette
owner / creative director

Hmmm, I don't like talking about myself.  I guess what you want to know is I just love design . . . good design mind you, as bad design drives me crazy.  I make decisions for almost everything I buy based on how it looks, how it is designed and how I perceive it was made. I'm not shy about my thoughts on this, if its poorly designed I'm not afraid to say my famous quote . . . "it looks like ass".  Typically this is backed up a with well considered analysis of course!  

Other than that I love making people excited about seeing designs for their company or product that make their face light up with the thought that they will be proud and excited to market their company or show their product.  That rocks.  

​Things I like . . . technology when it works, my husband (he's cute), some bad ass heavy rock music (yes I might be a bit old for it but who cares) and orange of course!"