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jennifer parette
laura priestner
owner / business manager

"Working for small engineering and surveying firms for the past 20 years has given me a unique perspective from the professional business owner’s point of view. The challenges, the financial and time constraints they face. I want to help our clients get that next-level professional look without the top-level price tag."    
owner / creative director

"I have always been passionate about great design. It defines you, shapes you. It keeps you constantly examining, evaluating and exploring. Great design isn’t just about visual aesthetics, it’s about clearly and consistently communicating what is distinctive and unique."    

  1. Jennifer's integrity and professionalism present great results: personable service, expert knowledge, good value, punctuality and vibrant creativity. She's a critical thinker who knows how to help implement and present effective marketing materials that need to reach a broad audience in a timely manner. Collaborating with her, hearing her ideas and then seeing results - time and again - certainly relieves a lot of pressure and makes it a joy to tear into the work."


  2. Jennifer is a clear thinker who is creative and pragmatic. She is responsible and dependable. She is a hard worker and a team player. Jennifer is approachable and conducts herself professionally. She is an exceptional designer and an I count on her to take on any task and see it to fruition.


  3. I have worked with Laura on several scripts for video production. The scripts were on engineering equipment and were very technical. Laura was diligent about really understanding what the product was and how it worked, to make sure the script was accurate. Laura has an eye for detail, she was a great help in the edit bay as well. When the client needed rewrites, they were promptly delivered and well thought out.